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When contacting our office, unless you are an existing client of the Law Offices of Lora L. Brown, we will not treat your communication as confidential communication until we have had an opportunity to clear any conflicts and assess your concerns or problem and we are comfortable that we are able to represent your interests.

To avoid inadvertent disclosures that may not be kept in confidence, in any communications to Lora please do not include anything you want to keep private.

Provide only (1) your full legal name (and your spouse’s name, if you are married), (2) the identity of all other parties to any dispute you are inquiring about (such as the name of the executor or trustee if you are a beneficiary, or the name of your fiancé or fiancée if you are seeking advice on a premarital agreement), and (3) a brief description of the type of legal services you are seeking or a brief summary of any dispute.

Lora’s office is located in the U.S. Bank Centre, at 1420 Fifth Avenue, on the 30th floor (Suite 3000). Directions to the parking garage and office are found on the Directions page.

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